Kevin K.

Programmer, skydiver, husband, father


2006 - Present

Systems and Network Admin

A wide range of responsibilities from designing, developing, deploying, and managing various systems on a global scale. This job encompasses everything from maintaining and developing small Python, Rust, and Go programs, to interconnecting and managing devices ranging from Cisco networking devices, end user devices, and Linux flavored servers. Current certifications include CCNA, Security+, Network+, and MCP

2004 - 2006

C# and .NET Programmer

Designing and developing custom database driven network services for enterprise environments.

2002 - 2004

Digital Photography Designer

Working for a digital photography studio on back-end image enhancements and manipulations.

About Me

I am an active person using the few hours in the day to maintain open source, advance my career and knowledge in the field all while taking time to enjoy the important things in life such as my beautiful wife and children. I am the kind of person to strive to know the details on a given subject, and push myself and peers further than we’d thought possible in a given situation.


Rust 85%
Python 80%
Go 70%
Photoshop 65%
Blockchain 45%
.NET 50%
Open Source 89%


Skydiving 48%
Weight Lifting 87%
The Binding of Isaac 65%